The School shall promote, facilitate and provide resources for inter-disciplinary, goal-oriented research and innovation in Information Technology. While funds available with the School would be used to support such projects, a significant portion of funds for each project is expected to be sought from external agencies.

The School will initiate research in any area of interdisciplinary Information Technology including, but not limited to, Dependable Computing, Information Security, Information Storage and Rerieval, High Speed Networks, Web Based Computing, Multimedia Systems, E-Commerce, HCI (Human-Computer Interface), Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks, Geographical Information Systems, Optical Information Processing, Nano-technology Modeling and Bio-informatics.

As the need for cross functional technology research in new areas arises and Information Technology gets well served by other means, the charter of the School may change to include other interdisciplinary technologies at the leading edge. In due course of time, IIT Delhi, in consultation with Amar Foundation, will consider enhancing the scope of the School to include disciplines other than Information Technology.

Additionally, the School will offer Ph. D. and M. S. (Research) programs in Information Technology. These programs, together with admission procedures, coursework, and graduation requirements, shall be governed by rules and regulations determined by the Senate of IIT Delhi. At a later date, and depending upon need and available resources, the School may offer other programs, including an M. Tech. Program.

Another important objective of the School will be to create state-of-the-art laboratories for use in its own programs and by students and faculty in other departments/centers working in related areas

The School will have its own core faculty, supporting staff and students. Initially, and thereafter, it shall seek participation by faculty and students from other departments who have deep and committed interest in theory and applications of computer science.

Amar Nath and Shashi Khosla School of Information Technology, IIT Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, India
+(91) (11) 2659-6056