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SIL765 (Network & System Security)
4 Credits (3-0-2)
Pre-requisites: Basic Networks Course, OS (CSL374: Computer Networks, OS) The goal of this course is to introduce challenges in securing computer systems and networks. We will discuss various types of vulnerabilities in exising software interfaces, such as buffer overflows, unsafe libc functions, file system design issues etc. We will also discuss modern-day defenses against attacks exploiting these vulnerabilities. In network security, we will discuss security problems in network protocols and routing, such as sniffing, denial of service, viruses, worms, etc. and defenses against them. The course will involve reading research papers on relevant topics, programming assignments and projects.

SIL769 (Internet Traffic - Measurement, Modeling & Analyis)
4 credits (3-0-2)
Pre-requisites: CSL374/672: Computer Networks or equivalent Internet architecture: overview of TCP/IP protocol stack. Mathematics for studying the Internet: Review of basic probability and statistics, analytic modeling approaches. Practical isues in Internet Measurements: Challenges, tools and techniques for measuring performance. Internet Traffic Characterization: Poisson models for Internet traffic, self-similarity in network traffic. Web Performance: workload characterization, caching, content distribution networks. Multimedia Systems: Video-on-Demand, IP-TV, Peer-to-Peer file sharing, Peer-to-Peer Streaming. Social Networks, Networks Security.

SIL801 (Special Topics in Multimedia Systems)
3 credits (3-0-0)
Pre-requistes: Teacher's permission Objective of the course is to expose students to the advanced concepts in Multimedia Systems. Content of this course, depending upon the teacher, will be focussed on some aspect(s) of multimedia systems like content based retrieval, multimedia ommunication, compression techniques, speech and audio technology, etc.

SIL802 (Special Topics in Web Based Computing)
3 credits (3-0-0)
Pre-requisites: Teacher's permission Objective of the course is to expose students to the advance concepts in Web Based Computing. Content of this course, depending upon the teacher, will be focused on some aspect(s) of web based computing like sematic web, web based distributed computing, search methods, etc.

SIV813 (Applications of Computers in Medicine)
1 credit (1-0-0)
Pre-requisites: None
This course will consist of 14 lecture-hours that focus on information and communication technologies (ICT) that are being developed and used in medical education and clinical practice today. Various technologies ranging from computer aided instruction (CAI), simulations and networked applications at one end to electronic medical records (EMR), telemedicine and robotic surgery at the other end will be described. The process of research, development and evaluation in the designing and making of these applications and tools will be detailed. Writing assignments, creative thinking and interactive discussions will form an integral part of this course.

SIV861 (Information and Communication Technologies for Development)  1
credit (1-0-0)
Pre-requisites: None
The course is open to 3rd year and onwards B.Tech/Dual students and graduate students. ICT for development is an emerging area of research that combines high-tech CS/IT skills, and puts them to use to solve social development problems. Some of the topics we will explore include the design of low-cost communication technologies for rural areas, agriculture consultancy systems, techniques for surveys and data collection to maintain health records, artificial intelligence to guide farmers on cropping patterns, and security schemes for financial inclussion and branchless banking.

SIV864 (Special Module on Media Processing and Communication)
1 credit (1-0-0)
Pre-requisites: None
Communication today has rich multimedia content. Under the varying bandwidth attention is required for appropriate processing of the media contents satisfying desired quality of service. This course will focus on bringing the two broad areas of multimedia processing and communication
together. In media processing fundamental concepts of media processing and compression will be introduced with exposure to current techniques and standards. In communication protocols and algorithms for both wired and wireless networks will be discussed in relation to multimedia communication.

SID880 (Minor Project in Information Technology)
3 credits (0-0-6)
Pre-requisites: Teacher's permission Objective of the course is to provide an opportunity to the students to work on developmental/research project in an area which may not necessarily be same as his/her area of research for M.S./Ph.D thesis.

SID890 (Major Project for M.S.(Research)
40 credits (0-0-80)
Objective of the course is to provide an opportunity to the students to work on development/research project in his/her area of specializations as part of M.S. degree.

SIV895 (Special Module on Intelligent Information Processing)
1 credit (1-0-0)
Pre-requisites: None
This course will focus on presenting conclave of methods which are being practiced for intelligent computing - learning techniques, classification methods, embedding intelligence, neural networks, soft computing and evolutionary methods. Emphasis will also be given on the variety of multidisciplinary applications of such techniques.

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