• Anant Vishnoi 2003CSZ0006 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Efficient cache state dumping for post-silicon processor validation.

  • Rakhi Tripathi 2005ANZ8292 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Select study of interoperability adoption for one-stop government portal in India.

  • Shalini Bhaskar 2008ANZ8412 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Novel algorithms and their applications for mining static,structured,temporal data and data streams.

  • Manish Aggarwal 2009ANZ8576 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Fuzzy Sets Variants for Handling Uncertainty in Decision Making.

  • B.Sharat Chandra Varma 2008ANZ8224 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Architecture Exploration of FPGA Based Acceleration for Bioinformatics Applications.

  • Nivedita Yadav 2008ANZ8413 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Validation Studies of Forensic Document Examination.

  • Namita Sharma 2010ANZ8165 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Data Memory Optimizations for Scratch Pad Memory based SIMD Architectures.

  • Richa Sharma 2008ANZ7535 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: A Semi-Automated Approach to Support Logical Formalism for Requirements Analysis and Validation.

  • Aditi Kapoor 2009ANZ8577 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Saliency Detection in Images and Videos.

  • Gayathri A. 2010ANZ8829 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Techniques to Estimate and Mitigate the Effects of Thermal Coupling and Process Variation in Many Core Processors.

  • Piyus Kedia 2010ANZ7537 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Efficient Deterministic Replay through Dynamic Binary Translation.

  • Sunita Tiwari 2010ANZ8166 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Data Sourcing Techniques for Personalized Location Based Tourist Spot Recommender System.

  • Ram Sewak Sharma 2010ANZ8166 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Identity Schemes for Citizens: Lessons from Indian Experience of 'Aadhaar'.

  • Priti Jagwani 2011ANZ8133 (Ph.D)
    Research Area: Attribute Based Privacy Control and Anonymization Techniques for Location Privacy.

  • MS(Research)

  • Rao Ashwin Satish 2006SIY7513 (MSR)
    Research Area: Performance Evaluation of Secure Communication in Vehicular Networks.

  • Priyanka Nath 2006SIY7515 (MSR)
    Research Area: Prediction of precursor miRNAs.

  • Chetan Aneja 2007SIY7510 (MSR)
    Research Area: Mitigation of Routing Attacks in Mobile Adhoc Networks

  • Saurabh Gupta 2009SIY7554 (MSR)
    Research Area: Development of tools for alignment and single mutation discovery using short read sequencing and a study of their application to small RNA deep sequencing data.

  • Chakresh Sahu (2008SIY7518) (MSR)
    Research Area: Enabling Business Intelligence in Hetrogeneous Hydrological Repositories:An OLAP Approach.

  • Sohan Lal (2008SIY7554) (MSR)
    Research Area: A Methodology for accelerating metabolie network simulation using GPUS.

  • Rajkumar Vishwakarma (2009SIY7568) (MSR)
    Research Area: Risk Analysis in Naxal Management using Digital Image Analysis.

  • Shashank Sharma (2009SIY7552) (MSR)
    Research Area: De novo assembly of short reads using minimal overlap model.

  • Manoj Kumar Santubhai Jain (2009SIY7553) (MSR)
    Research Area: Power supply efficiency aware resource allocation in data centers.

  • Roh Jaekeun (2010SIY7501) (MSR)
    Research Area: Language independent keyword spotting from speech and automatic meta-data insertion.

  • Sumit Negi (2009SIY7567) (MSR)
    Research Area: Characterizing Flickr Groups Using Topic Models.

  • Pratibha Jagnere (2011SIY7527) (MSR)
    Research Area: Reconstruction of Private Keys of RSA using Cold Boot Attacks.

  • Jaspreet Bhatia (2011SIY7528) (MSR)
    Research Area: Ambiguity Detection in Natural Language Requirements Specifications.

  • Kinshuk Sarabhai (2010SIY7536) (MSR)
    Research Area: Multi-View Reconstruction using Relaxation Labeling.

  • Ierum Shanaya (2010SIY7570) (MSR)
    Research Area: Energy Efficient Task Mapping in Heterogeneous Multicore Systems.

  • Prajjwal Prem Jamdagni (2012SIY7501) (MSR)
    Research Area: Analysing and Categorising User Intent behind Web Image Search Queries.

  • Nishant Bugalia (2012SIY7502) (MSR)
    Research Area: Immersive Environment System for an Efficient Human Computer Interaction.

  • Vijay Kumar (2013SIY7513) (MSR)
    Research Area: Funds Imaging Based Affordable Eye Care.

  • Sukhraj Singh (2012SIY7526) (MSR)
    Research Area: A study on Anatomical Surface Mesh Comparison.

  • Vinkle Kumar Srivastav (2014SIY7526) (MSR)
    Research Area: Computerized Evaluation of Neurosurgery Skills using Image Processing and Computer Vision Techniques.

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